Over the last year, our working and leadership styles have undergone a rapid transformation. 

Our traditional styles of leadership, communication and engagement styles no longer achieve the cut-through that we desire.

It became clear to communication professionals and leaders that fostering a connected and engaged workforce in a remote environment was a communication challenge in itself.  

Yet the question remains, after over 12 months of long-distance communication, “how do you create a culture of connectivity in a remote environment?”

Ultimately creating this environment comes down to leadership. Leadership is based on trust, and we recognise that nothing diminishes trust, like a lack of authenticity or a feeling of distance. 

The first step in bringing authenticity to your leadership and communication style is to address your communication DNA. 

Introspection is crucial. As an individual, you need to understand and question –  what I bring to the table, how do others see me? Why am I trying to make a difference? 

Once you have identified the answers to these questions, you can begin formulating your communication style with your team as a leader.

However, to truly foster a culture of connectivity, authenticity must be embedded into every communication that you deliver – regardless of the medium.  

Channelling your authentic voice may prove challenging, but employees, co-workers, and clients need to hear from you consistently to create a culture of connectivity that they can then adapt themselves. 

Even within the limits of remoteness and teams being physically apart, if you work hard to stay connected to yourself and your team honestly and openly and work to help others find the “why’s” in their world, you can lead from anywhere.

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