We help our clients engage on the issues that matter most across the full spectrum of their stakeholders.

Our purpose is to protect and promote businesses, brands and individuals through public relations & strategy development, reputation management, media relations and thought leadership, learning & development and executive coaching.

What we Do

Our Specialisms

Public Relations & Strategy Development
PR & Strategy Development
Public Affairs
Public Affairs
Digital Communication
Digital Communication
Content Creation
Content Creation

Sector Expertise

Our Clients

Public Relations & Strategy Development
Government & Public Sector
Government and public sector organisations have at their heart a purpose and mission that sets them apart from other organisations and holds them accountable to public, political, regulatory and media scrutiny.
Public Relations & Strategy Development
Energy & Power
Energy is a rapidly maturing field, developing in tandem with the technological advances which have seen renewables arrive at the forefront of the industry
Public Relations & Strategy Development
ESG & Sustainability
As the global ESG agenda gains prominence and urgency, stakeholders across the board are seeking greater clarity on corporate ESG strategies.
Public Relations & Strategy Development
Financial Services
Financial services are subject to intense regulatory, public and political scrutiny, and we advise our clients through all the stages of the business cycle - from fintech and blockchain to banks and financial institutions.
Public Relations & Strategy Development
Professional Services
Professional Services are critical to our daily lives, are intrinsic to business across the spectrum and form an essential part of the machinery that makes a thriving commercial centre function.

Why Should You Choose
Koukash Consultancy?

Why KC?

Our Values

We are guided by our adherence to international standards, guidelines and practices. We are professional accredited and believe in creating bespoke solutions to achieve impactful communication.

Why KC?

Our Expertise

We have over 2 decades of specialist expertise in corporate communications, internal communications, digital strategy, leadership, governance and media relations,

Why KC?

Our Insights

We monitor the pulse of the industry and develop strategies that are relevant to you and your organisation.

Why KC?

Our Results

We have over 2 decades of experience providing best-in-class services to our clients, supporting and sustaining their reputation and communication strategies.

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Who We Are

Driving Impactful Communication
through our Bespoke Solutions

At the Koukash Consultancy we bring together expert communicators, digital natives and political experts to help you realise your personal and organisational objectives. We deliver results for international organisations, government institutions, NGOs and private individuals across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe.

KC Academy
Training Courses for Professionals

Our courses are facilitated by experts consultants within the industry, who bring decades of professional and academic experience from industries such as energy, oil and gas, aviation, education alongside former public sector and parliamentary officials


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